For at least a month now we have been confronted by this article on NewsHub:

Great Barrier Island beach a ‘plastic graveyard’

Upon reading this article it became apparent that the individual making these comments was doing it for their own personal gain.

The exact details are not known at this point but here is what has been passed down the grapevine:

This operator was more than happy to accept the hospitality offered by the local Great Barrier Island community, feeding, watering etc…

This operator knew full well that there was a Tangi (funeral) in progress at the time he was expecting the local children to help in his crusade.

This operator would have been aware that the children he referred to were relatives of the recently deceased, prominent local figure.

They did not want to help because their much loved relative had just passed away, they did not care because his personal crusade was the last thing on their minds at that particular point in time.

This operator is “disgusted” by the apparent lack of concern?

How disrespectful does he want to be?

How can he pass these aspersions on the local population in the knowledge that the majority of this “plastic graveyard” originates from Auckland city and beyond.

How can he accept the hospitality offered and then turn on his willing hosts in such a public fashion?

How welcome do you think he will be the next time he shows up on Great Barrier Island?

Many would be quite happy to line up on the beach and throw stones at him.

Instead of grand standing in this fashion why does he not campaign in his own back yard and convince Aucklanders that their way of life is damaging our environment?

The prevailing wind here is a south westerly, what is at the other end of that prevailing wind? Auckland City of course.

There are many of us on Great Barrier Island that have issues with the way we treat waste in this country.

Many of us spend a lot of our time picking up the rubbish left by visitors to our beaches, thrown over board by inconsiderate boaties etc… etc… and our schools have regular beach clean ups and he says the locals don’t seem to care?

Let’s not fool ourselves, in some instances locals are the worst offenders, does that mean they are responsible for all the other rubbish that washes up. No, every manufacturer and consumer on the planet is responsible for this.

Should we visit the Pacific Islands and express our disgust at the locals for not cleaning up the literal mountains of plastic that wash up there from the rest of the industrialised world?. Don’t be silly.

Kurt Salmond of Gulf Eco Adventures is more than happy to “use” Great Barrier Island for his own pecuniary advantage, what has he contributed to Great Barrier Island?

It seems at this point, absolutely nothing.

It is very disappointing that the Great Barrier Island Local Board spokesperson did not express their disgust with these comments and good on NewsHub for the obvious effort put into getting both sides of this story. One approach to the local board, well done.

Comments are very much welcomed on this issue, especially from Kurt Salmond of Gulf Eco Adventures.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Helen Kay September 30, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Remember the Barrier back in the 80’s and there was no rubbish anywhere. That was before Auckland City Council took over from Rodney and turned the Barrier into a money making tourism business. Before then, there were no tourists. No one new the Barrier existed till they advertised and promoted it, and Fullers whom the council owned a large percentage of, started running out to the island loaded with tourists. That is when I remember the rubbish problem starting. Then all the tourists on their flash luxury launch’s letting their toilets go, with human excrement, toilet paper and tampons washing up on our beautiful beaches. Disgusting it was. We started to do beach clean ups in March each year and it would stay clean till the following summer when it would start all over again. Barrier people have always been Greenies and environmentalists. I suggest that Kurt Salmond and Newshub need to get their facts straight before defaming people and places. The amount of rubbish floating around the world comes from the storm waters from main cities. Dirty filthy people that don’t care about their oceans and the damage that their filthy habits are causing, are too lazy to put their rubbish in a bin! The rubbish problem on Aotea (Great Barrier Island) I believe has floated in on the out going tides from Auckland. This is NOT the islands problem It’s an Auckland city problem. You Mister Salmond whom I presume comes from Auckland or the Mainland, should perhaps look at taking clean up crews over to the island on a regular basis, and in my opinion ‘clean up your peoples mess!

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